Episode 20 – Sea Devil: The Monster With Attachment Issues

Alright ye landlubbers! Hoist up the main sail, strike yer colors, and listen to the tale of the Black Sea Devil—a fish with the face of a demon. With cold, lifeless eyes and a mouth full of razor sharp teeth, the Sea Devil won’t think twice about snatchin’ up its prey and draggin’ it down to the black depths of the abyss. So get into yer submersible, take a dive,…


The One Where Rhett Was Alone

In this episode, Rhett sits down with you, the audience to talk about life, and things that have been happening recently. Follow Rhett on Social Media: facebook.com/Rhett2Society twitter.com/Rhett2Society instagram.com/Rhett2Society Follow the show: facebook.com/WallFlyPodcast twitter.com/WallFlyPodcast Support the show on Patreon: patreon.com/WallFlyPodcast Learn about the Braintrust Network: Braintrust.FM Thanks for Listening!


Batman the Animated Series Featuring Karrington Martin

Batman: The Animated Series is easily seen as one of the best versions of Batman on the screen. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that a game came out for it. Listen in as Karrington from The Real Dudes Podcast joins in on discussing yet another Gameboy game. Learn such things as: Who is the best Joker? How many people can feel sorry for Chris when they learn he…


33: Mental Breakdowns in the Rye

Get ready to #CatchTheseHands in the rye as your two favorite phonies set out to eviscerate Holden Caulfield, but mostly just feel bad for him. Learn about the distinguished fields of kosher cheese mongering and elevator pimping, go faith findin' with JD, and listen as Megan challenges John Travolta to a fistfight and RJ commits multiple mouth crimes. Patreon: patreon.com/OhNoLitClass Store: teepublic.com/lic/ZcY8hXJbOB0


Episode 19 – Woolly Bear Moth: Just Dying to Fly

In nature, animals fight hard to survive and pass on their genes to the next generation. For an insect in the frigid regions of North America, even the pursuit of adulthood is a demanding task. Meet one caterpillar that is just dying to leave their life crawling on the ground and take to the sky as a moth. This unwavering quest is surely an inspiring part of Life, Death, and…


A Wall-Fly Mutiny with Cheese

In this, the first ever Wall-Fly, Rhett is joined by the sci-fi genius behind Girl in Space, Sarah Werner. The two talk about growing up with no TV, going to college, chasing boys to the midwest, and adopting an accent you swore you never would! A word from the host... This conversation was everything that I thought it would be, and I feel like we only really scratched the surface…


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