Episode 38 – Naked Mole Rate: Wrinkly Pink Old Rat

When searching for the key to a long cancer-free life, there is one place that few people want to look—which is directly into the beady, unblinking eyes of a hairless underground horror. Enter the naked mole rat, the sort of cold-blooded super ugly mammal with cells that loath social contact. But hey, maybe we’ll find the cure to cancer here in Life Death and Taxonomy. Art by xnamaru


Episode 9: Everybody Hates Peterman

Join Dan, Kyle, and Ron as they discuss the fallout from week one, and make their predictions for the second week of the NFL season. Credits: Hosted by Dan Pineda, Ron Swarthout, and Kyle Heresy Edited and produced by Ron Swarthout Theme song by Austin Colón Sponsored by Uplift Pomade! If your hair-care product just isn't doing the job, check out Uplift Pomade! Check us out on Twitter, Instagram, and…


New Feed Notification

Here's the TL;DR of a 3 minute clip: Braintrust Network is no more The show will live on at Play Comics just like I've always told you to go to All the social media stuff stays the same The new feed is https://pinecast.com/feed/playcomics and you should update your feed if you're seeing this Best Day still makes really good music and I finally wasn't talking over it.


42: Finding (And Escaping) Nemo

On this episode, we hold our breath to dive down deep into the briny depths of Jules Verne's adventure classic, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea! Learn the downsides of owning your own island, the majesty of differently-abled manatees, and Captain Nemo's step-by-step guide on how to be the most unbelievably extra person in the entire ocean. Megan yearns for action and adventure, while RJ mostly yearns for Green Bay quarterback…


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