Episode 1: 96-89

On the first episode of The Pyramid: The Great Basketball Hall of Fame Debate, host Jesse Schober delves into the origin of the idea for the podcast and the Hall of Fame Pyramid itself. After covering the near misses and honorable mentions, Jesse, along with his Field of Screams (another great sports podcast!) co-hosts, Jason Voshall and Michael Blank, discuss the first players ranked in Jesse’s Hall of Fame Pyramid,…


Punisher for NES and Game Boy

The Punisher is a great character with a rich history. From killing the Marvel Universe to hunting Spider-Man to being as close to a hero as a stone cold killer can get, we're taking a look at a brief glimpse into the Punisher comic universe and then diving straight into the NES and Gameboy games. Spoiler alert: this is an LJN game for NES. That should raise a bunch of…


The Opinioneer and the Little Fella

In this episode, Rhett sits down with Danny Murray, one third of Opinioneering, and the owner and operator of Little Fella Marketing. The two talk about growing up in rural California, raising kids where you grew up, and how much family influences success. The also talk about the friendship that sparked the podcast, and what he future of Opinioneering is going to look like. To learn more about Danny and…



British boys get stranded on a tropical island, and you won't BELIEVE what happens next! ...They get naked and try to murder each other. It's Lord of the Flies, a book written out of spite for a different book written 100 years earlier. We look at provocative shell art, learn why choir boys are the evilest kind of boy, do some truly terrible British accents, and refuse to stop referencing…


Friday Night Tykes: Sports or Savagery?

This week we're mixing things up on Field of Screams. We cover one of our most disturbing topics to date: the reality show 'Friday Night Tykes.' The show takes a candid look at the shocking world of youth football in Texas. Watching this show led Jason to wonder if the parents featured could possibly be found criminally negligent. Listen to us debate the morality and possible criminality of this rabbit…



Host Jesse Schober attempts to do the impossible and compile a comprehensive list of the 96 greatest basketball players of all-time. He will attempt to do this by presenting his take on the Hall-of-Fame concept developed by the Pod Father himself, Bill Simmons.


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