Liberating The White Vault

In this Episode, Rhett travels to nearby Sarasota to sit down with Travis Vengroff, one-half of the creative power-couple behind the audio dramas, Liberty and The White Vault. The two talk about being from other places and living in Florida, growing up as the only kid surrounded by old people, and being really into boats and Dungeons and Dragons. They also discuss audio drama, and the creative process that goes into it. Travis’s wife, Kaitlin State, who is also the writer of The White Vault, also joins in to talk about the writing process, and where she draws the inspiration for all of the technical terminology that is woven throughout the stories.

A word from the Host…

You know when you meet really cool people, and something just clicks, and you end up having a really awesome conversation? That’s exactly what it was like meeting Travis and Kaitlin at podcast. I’m so glad that they invited my wife and I up to their lovely home to sit down and talk with them! They are wonderful people, and extremely supportive of this community of independent podcasters, and I couldn’t be happier to have them as a part of it!

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