Podcast Meander

In this episode, Rhett sits down with Daniel Leone, the mastermind and tortured genius behind Podcast Meander. Daniel tells Rhett all about growing up in Connecticut, and how things changed for him after a series of events in both his own life, and the lives of his family. The two then discuss the podcast, which is a semi-autobiographical audio drama that takes place toward the end of 2016.

A word from the host…

Talking to Daniel and learning his story has had a profound effect on me. The things that he has gone through in life can only serve to give perspective and insight into the plights of many young people in today’s society. Dan is also a very intelligent and thoughtful person, and I am grateful for his candor when talking about his past and his podcast.

I urge you to listen to his podcast. It may not be for you or everyone, but it will open your eyes to the kinds of mental illness and trauma that many people live with today.


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