Rough Giraffe

In this episode, Rhett sits down with Stacey, on half of Rough Giraffe Podcast. The two talk about the work that Stacey does as a Urologist, the process of becoming a doctor, and Stacey teaches Rhett a whole new meaning to the term Apple Bottom.

After a short break, featuring a promo from Oh No! Lit Class, the two talk about her podcast that she does with her Mum. They talk about the comedy, what her and her mother’s relationship is like now, and what the future of the podcast looks like. They also talk about The Brit Pod Scene, a community of podcasts from Britain, that Stacey was instrumental in creating.

A word from the host…

I had been looking forward to this conversation since it was scheduled, and it truly did not disappoint. Stacey is as funny as she is intelligent, and I am always interested in what life is like across the pond. Listen to their podcast and experience the comedy gold that can only be had by a woman and her mom chatting.


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