Amazing Spider-Man (Featuring Paul Csomo)

Who doesn’t like Spider-man? You know, besides JJ Jameson and a hoard of villains and whatever friends he’s blowing off without a good explanation because secret identities need to be protected?

Join Chris and special guest Paul Csomo from Varmints as they look at The Amazing Spider-Man for the Nintendo Gameboy and some of the comic background for everyone’s favorite wall crawler.

Learn such things as:

  • Alternate Spider-Man realities
  • Mechanical vs biological web shooters
  • The twisted secrets behind the publisher and developer of the game
  • What Marvel would never allow to be said these days about their beloved characters
  • Who Chris and Paul both forgot was in the game because they were distracted by the sheer, … , something-ness that oozes from it

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Thanks to Mike Burton from Genuine Chit Chat for the intro drop.

A big thanks to Rhett Hall of the Braintrust Bros Podcast and all the guys over at the Real Dudes Podcast for the promos today.

Music, as always, by Audionautix

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