Punisher for NES and Game Boy

The Punisher is a great character with a rich history. From killing the Marvel Universe to hunting Spider-Man to being as close to a hero as a stone cold killer can get, we're taking a look at a brief glimpse into the Punisher comic universe and then diving straight into the NES and Gameboy games. Spoiler alert: this is an LJN game for NES. That should raise a bunch of…


Little Nemo

Ah, this little hidden gem works on multiple levels. Listen in as Chris and his special guest/wife Kayleigh take a look at the Little Nemo comics, animated movie, and the game for the NES. Check out the image gallery to see samples of the comics, scenes from the movie, and some screen grabs from the game. Be sure to also check out Film Roast since their show is also awesome.…


Uncanny X-Men

X-Men is one of the most beloved comic franchises there is, no question about it. So of course they get this LJN steaming pile of shit. Honestly, I want to just go crawl in a hole and cry myself to sleep. Jay and Miles are the best and there’s so much X-Men history that I’d mess up so just go listen to their show if you’re really curious. Thanks again…


Dick Tracy

We knew basically nothing about Dick Tracy coming into this. Well, nothing except that he wears yellow and he’s a detective. So clean slate for this show! Thanks to the Meddling Kids Podcast for providing us with a rather appropriate promo to drop. Sean can be found on Twitter @SeanSyn1182 while Chris continues to primarily use the show account, @PlayComicsCast.


Batman the Video Game

Ah, Batman. What can you say about someone with such a storied past? Well, Chris and Sean go off on an over sized episode that tries to capture the magic of one of the better games on the NES. You know you loved this game as a kid. And it wasn’t just because Batman is awesome, it was actually a good game. Find the show on Twitter @PlayComicsCast, Chris’s personal…


Snoopy Sports

Wow, this one is horrible. Not the episode, it’s pretty sweet. But the game itself? It’s pretty bad. The video we watched because we couldn’t handle playing it for long. Find the show on Twitter @PlayComicsCast, Chris’s personal Twitter @theichibun, and Sean’s personal Twitter @Seansyn1182.



Sean joins Chris and the show goes insane in the best way possible. The language gets more adult though so you might want to be careful about that. We try no to go overboard, but no promises. Find the show on Twitter @PlayComicsCast, Chris’s personal Twitter @theichibun, and Sean’s personal Twitter @Seansyn1182. If you liked this episode, also check out the 2600 episode, which covers Superman on the Atari 2600…


Spy vs Spy

Spy vs Spy, and incorrectly Spy vs Spy 2 in this case, are looked at in this episode. Thankfully the sequel doesn’t really change much beyond the setting so it’s not a big deal. The game was planned and development started for an NES release over here, so it could have happened.


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