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Megan and RJ revisit your old Required Reading list, this time with cool facts and trivia, bad impressions, some surprisingly sexy plot summaries, and plenty of jokes to make you blush. Let’s ruin some literary classics together. New episodes every other Thursday.


    British boys get stranded on a tropical island, and you won’t BELIEVE what happens next! …They get naked and try to murder each other. It’s Lord of the Flies, a book written out of spite for a different book written 100 years earlier. We look at provocative shell art, learn why choir boys are the …Read More »
  • 26: This Pie Tastes Like Murder

    26: This Pie Tastes Like Murder

    You guys, this show is a whole year old! In celebration, we bring you, from the depths of Shakespearean obscurity: Titus Andronicus, the play that asks “What if Shakespeare was possessed by Eli Roth and then wrote a play?” and “Can you do a Michael Caine impression without a tongue?” and also “Are goth kids …Read More »
  • 25: Scout Finch is Going to Kick Your Butt

    25: Scout Finch is Going to Kick Your Butt

    They say it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird, so we get to sinning with Harper Lee’s immortal required reading classic. Learn how Lee plagiarized her own life, why Atticus Finch needs to sharpen his lawyer skills, and how all problems can be solved by punching and/or kicking. Megan chronicles the thrilling exploits of a …Read More »
  • 24.5: We A Some Qs

    24.5: We A Some Qs

    It’s a new year with new experiences to have and new challenges to face! Like having your schedule completely derailed by medical emergencies! (On an unrelated note, RJ met his unfortunate demise under circumstances that are neither mysterious or criminally suspicious). Megan and RJ Jr. Part 2: The Sequel answer submitted questions in this special …Read More »
  • 24: The Nightmare Before Christmas Carol

    24: The Nightmare Before Christmas Carol

    We’re celebrating the last episode of the year with a double-feature of A Christmas Carol and The Gift of the Magi! Embrace the holiday spirit of giving rocks to Baby Jesus, spending money you don’t have on things you can’t use, multiple ghosts telling you what a jerkoff you are, and the spectacular debut of …Read More »
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