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Megan and RJ revisit your old Required Reading list, this time with cool facts and trivia, bad impressions, some surprisingly sexy plot summaries, and plenty of jokes to make you blush. Let’s ruin some literary classics together. New episodes every other Thursday.
  • 33: Mental Breakdowns in the Rye

    33: Mental Breakdowns in the Rye

    Get ready to #CatchTheseHands in the rye as your two favorite phonies set out to eviscerate Holden Caulfield, but mostly just feel bad for him. Learn about the distinguished fields of kosher cheese mongering and elevator pimping, go faith findin’ with JD, and listen as Megan challenges John Travolta to a fistfight and RJ commits …Read More »
  • 32: Part Man, Part Alcohol, Part Kangaroo: The Ernest Hemingway Story

    32: Part Man, Part Alcohol, Part Kangaroo: The Ernest Hemingway Story

    On this special episode, we take you on an intoxicated tour through the life, times, and wives of Ernest Hemingway, with a brief stopover at The Old Man and The Sea. Join us at the hottest spot north of Havana for this extra-long drunkstravaganza featuring: Gay marlins, Sandra Bullock, questionable surgery practices, baseball(?), and conquering …Read More »
  • 31: Down and Dirty John Donne

    31: Down and Dirty John Donne

    RJ takes the wheel to teach us a thing about John Donne: Reverend, husband, and mega-horny poet. Enjoy the tonal whiplash as we rocket between poems about doing it, poems about how everyone he loved is dead, and more poems about doing it. Megan crafts some fanfiction, Financin’ with RJ branches out, and we learn …Read More »
  • 30: Bowels of Darkness

    30: Bowels of Darkness

    This week, we head to Africa, not to bless the rains but to contend with Joseph Conrad’s novel Heart of Darkness. Megan is filled to the brim with salt while RJ tries to rack up a high score playing Devil’s Advocate. Join us as we discuss racism, imperialism, and the alleged contents of John Wayne’s …Read More »
  • 29: A Tough Tesseract to Follow

    29: A Tough Tesseract to Follow

    Warning: Episode contains spoilers for the film version of A Wrinkle in Time! Crack open your guide to interdimensional travel because we’re about to wrinkle some time! Join us and our friend Scott for a magical story of quantum mechanics, pulsating brains, and incompetent dads as we learn how pubescent girl-rage can save the day. …Read More »
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