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Megan and RJ revisit your old Required Reading list, this time with cool facts and trivia, bad impressions, some surprisingly sexy plot summaries, and plenty of jokes to make you blush. Let’s ruin some literary classics together. New episodes every other Thursday.
  • 38: Hello from the Outside(rs)

    38: Hello from the Outside(rs)

    We’re inside, we’re outside, we’re every which way but the general direction of S.E. Hinton’s twitter as we tackle her classic teen coming-of-age novel, The Outsiders. Which isn’t gay. At all. What would even make you think that? Experience increasingly outlandish acronyms, the importance of both greasy hair and a good cry, and deeply ironic …Read More »
  • 37: Oops, We Bronte’d Again

    37: Oops, We Bronte’d Again

    Get ready for THE DRAMA as Megan and RJ journey to ghostly moors of Wuthering Heights! Learn why everyone who thinks this is a romantic love story is both Wrong and Bad, why you should avoid graveyard-adjacent drinking water, and how Gothic antihero Heathcliff and Rocky Balboa are basically the same guy. RJ continues his …Read More »
  • 36: A Nice Book About Bunny Rabbits

    36: A Nice Book About Bunny Rabbits

    What could go wrong in a book about bunnies? Plenty, if that book is Watership Down, a classic children’s novel that’s been traumatizing kids for nearly 50 years. Also traumatized is Chris Osborne of Play Comics, who joins us as we follow a band of bunnies on their epic quest for survival. Meanwhile, Megan relives …Read More »
  • 35: 1-800-Flowers for Algernon

    35: 1-800-Flowers for Algernon

    Oh Danny boy, the pipes are calling on this episode where we manage, despite our best efforts and potentially worst singing yet, to talk about the classic (sci-fi?) novel, Flowers for Algernon. Learn the importance of good branding, that the gross changes happening to your body are totally normal, and why being smart is a …Read More »
  • 34: Of Mice and Men and Salads

    34: Of Mice and Men and Salads

    In an episode that could best be described as “Steinbeck adjacent,” we engage in some heavy petting, bacon thieving, obscure reference-making, and banana-insinuating. We also learn all about Burgess Meredith, the rules of Being In Van Halen, briefly become Oh No! City Slickers, and oh uh, talk about Of Mice and Men…kinda. But it’s okay …Read More »
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