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Play Comics is a show that looks at video games based on comic properties and how faithful those games stay to the source material.
  • Captain America and The Avengers featuring Matt Sanderson

    Captain America and The Avengers featuring Matt Sanderson

    The Avengers, along with fearless leader Captain America, are a collection of Earth’s mightiest heroes. Together they can conquer anything. But they’ll face their toughest challenge yet when Chris and Matt (graciously on loan from Semi Intellectual Musings) take their shots at this group of heroes. Learn such things as: The four, or two, characters …Read More »
  • The Flash for Gameboy Featuring Tyler Kirby

    The Flash for Gameboy Featuring Tyler Kirby

    Did you see that streak going by? That was probably Chris and Tyler Kirby from Better than Static going on about the newest episode of Play Comics. These two crazy kids looked at some Flash comic history then the Gameboy game that was at least artistically inspired by the 90s Flash TV show. Learn such …Read More »
  • Amazing Spider-Man (Featuring Paul Csomo)

    Amazing Spider-Man (Featuring Paul Csomo)

    Who doesn’t like Spider-man? You know, besides JJ Jameson and a hoard of villains and whatever friends he’s blowing off without a good explanation because secret identities need to be protected? Join Chris and special guest Paul Csomo from Varmints as they look at The Amazing Spider-Man for the Nintendo Gameboy and some of the …Read More »
  • Silver Surfer

    Silver Surfer

    Silver Surfer. One-time personal assistant to Galactus, now not so much. Join Chris and special guest Josh Bowman of Fait Deficit as they take a look at this wonderfully misunderstood character along with another LJN classic on the NES. You can find Play Comics @playcomicscast on Twitter and in the Play Comics Podcast Fan Group …Read More »
  • Punisher for NES and Game Boy

    Punisher for NES and Game Boy

    The Punisher is a great character with a rich history. From killing the Marvel Universe to hunting Spider-Man to being as close to a hero as a stone cold killer can get, we’re taking a look at a brief glimpse into the Punisher comic universe and then diving straight into the NES and Gameboy games. …Read More »
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