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Welcome to the show that lets you be a fly on the wall. Listen in as host Rhett Hall has a one-on-one conversation with the people that he finds interesting. While getting to know the subject, he tries to dig a bit deeper into what motivates them to do what they do, in hopes of inspiring a new generation of creators.

  • Rough Giraffe

    Rough Giraffe

    In this episode, Rhett sits down with Stacey, on half of Rough Giraffe Podcast. The two talk about the work that Stacey does as a Urologist, the process of becoming a doctor, and Stacey teaches Rhett a whole new meaning to the term Apple Bottom. After a short break, featuring a promo from Oh No! …Read More »
  • 2018: The Road Ahead…

    2018: The Road Ahead…

    In this episode, Rhett goes solo for the first bit to tell you all about the exciting stuff going on with The Braintrust Bros. Network. From welcoming new established shows, to developing new podcasts, we have tons of things going on! After a short break, Rhett welcomes Megan and RJ from Oh No! Lit Class …Read More »
  • Podcast Meander

    Podcast Meander

    In this episode, Rhett sits down with Daniel Leone, the mastermind and tortured genius behind Podcast Meander. Daniel tells Rhett all about growing up in Connecticut, and how things changed for him after a series of events in both his own life, and the lives of his family. The two then discuss the podcast, which …Read More »


    In this episode, Rhett sits down with local musician, Døvydas, to talk about all things music. The artist formerly known as David Smash is originally from Lithuania, and came to the states to share his musical talents, and to try his hand at becoming a recording artist. After a few failed projects, Døvydas took to …Read More »
  • Story Spectacular

    Story Spectacular

    In this Kid Friendly episode, Rhett sits down with Angela Ferrari, a children’s book author and host of the Story Spectacular podcast! The two chat about growing up in rural areas and the effect that has on creativity, how to start self publishing, and some tools that you need in your toolbox if you’re going …Read More »
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