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?Importance Of Education For Youth Aging Out Of Foster Care ??

An advantage of a good education for a youth who is out of foster care is that the youth will be able to take care of themselves when they are able to secure a job after a college education. When a foster youth does not have a proper education, they may be forced into crime which can lead to a criminal record. It is advantageous for governments to consider educating foster youth because this will reduce the number of idle youth on the streets and they will not engage in criminal activity which can become a problem for a city. It is not good when youth have aged out of foster care and end up homeless since they have nowhere else to go. Foster youth can succeed when they get a tuition waiver which will enable them to reach their dreams in life. ?????
?Some of the foster youth are brilliant and they can be able to achieve good grades and get an education which will help them in the future. Foster youth also have dreams about the careers they would like to pursue and they can be able to do so when they get funding for their education. ?When lawmakers put in place policies that will enable the funding of foster youth for their education, they can cause a great change in the big number of foster youth who do not have access to college education. Politicians who learn about the extent of the problem with foster youth lacking college education can help come up with laws that will ensure the funding of foster youth in college.?????
Ashleigh Hunt is involved in advocacy which will ensure that foster youth can be able to get access to a college education to better their lives. One way for change to happen is through the education of foster youth and this can be done through advocacy which will ensure that lawmakers commit to looking into the problem of lack of education for foster youth. Without commitment, it is difficult for people to take any action to ensure that foster youth get college education so it is important to get some commitment from the people that one addresses. ?When addressing people who can bring about change in the education for foster youth, it is important to consider the group that one is addressing so that one can tailor a message according to the group.??

One of the ways to make an impact and get funding for college education for foster youth is by speaking to influential people and people who have the power to make it happen. Foster youth have a lot of untapped potential, and this can be realized when they get a college education and contribute to the development of their countries. ?Giving access to college education will show foster youth that they are valuable to society.

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