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Showers are ideal when in a hurry or have an entire family to get out the door in the morning. Getting clean is quick and efficient. When time permits, there is nothing that can compare to a long relaxing soak in a deep tub.


Being in a tub relieves tension, warms sore muscles, and rejuvenates the soul. People who have arthritis, back problems, headaches, and tired feet will enjoy the comfort and healing properties that a tub provides. Stress will melt away as the soak continues.

The peaceful quiet environment of the bathroom curbs anxiety and shuts off the mind for the duration of the bath. A warm soak will also help users to sleep better and hydrate the skin to reduce signs of aging. You owe it to yourself to include a bathtub in the house.

The Look

A standard white tub available in any home improvement store will suffice in terms of getting a bath. It will fit any decor and delivered in a day or two. These regular tubs are also boring with a complete lack of style.

Picture a hand-painted cast iron or acrylic soaking tub in the same space. Custom color or faux copper adds a unique look to any bathroom. Customized products are offered in any size, color, or type to reflect your personality and accommodate preferences.


A small, fifty-five-inch claw-foot tub is perfect for a downstairs bathroom while a seventy-inch slipper tub provides luxury in the master bedroom suite. Items bought from inventory with no customized features chosen will ship in two to three days of ordering. Customized containers, which are a specialty of The Tub Connection, will take two weeks to be shipped due to the high demand.

In addition to exquisite tubs, bathroom vanities and kitchen sinks are also on the website. Faucets, hardware, and accessories sell as well. The possibilities are virtually limitless when customers begin to mix and match merchandise.

The fact is that custom items are not much more expensive than standard ones. Pricing is affordable, with several price points represented. Discover the potential for beauty and pleasure in your home.

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