Do you have a lot of things but little cabinets?

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The built-in wardrobes of Prague always match the need to consider spatial possibilities around the enclosure.

There are basically three different types of doors which can be used to obtain Prague's built-in cabinets. They are sliding doors which do not require any exterior space at all, and are therefore among the most widely used type of door systems for built-in cabinets in Prague. However, one part of the case always remains covered by a door, which is considered by some customers to be minus. Foldable or accordion doors do not need to open much free outer space and can also make the entire space of the built-in wardrobe accessible to Prague.
Built-in wardrobes from us? The door you choose!

Well, the revolving door is a classic. They are also called hydrofoil. However, the built-in cabinets of Prague are too often not used because they have large space requirements in front of the cabinet.