Forget about the leadership of people

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So make decisions, command and command your subordinates, while you, as a superior, would have your feet on the table and sipped coffee, or had you gone to fish during working hours? After an accident that affects the correct operation of the workplace, do you punish a worker with immediate notice and a letter of complaint to a few others for an alert? If anyone in your area thinks so and feeds on similar ideas, you should immediately distance yourself from it. To guide people, it is the true deterrent and unraged example of a superior. But the same is with the type of folded eyes and zero self-esteem, which will be decided by the whisperers. That's not the right one, then.
So who is the right type
Surely he must have a healthy self-esteem, he must not miss the sense of duty and responsibility. And it must be communicative, so that workers know what to do. Each of us is born with some abilities and talents. Of course, if we don't develop it, it'll be stunred. Likewise, this is true of natural authority and leadership skills. In the market we meet various courses on various topics in the field of management. Do not despise them if you are in higher management positions! Become the right type for higher positions.