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These Kitchen Countertops Will Last for Years

The time to design your dream kitchen may be now. A kitchen is a place where all your family members gather. It is the place where you cook food for your family members while they catch up on the latest news. Regardless of whether you are moving into a new home or if you are renovating one, a kitchen countertop is important.

Laminated kitchen countertop is among the least expensive choice. When the manufacturer is producing a laminated kitchen countertop, they place around the particleboard a thin plastic layer. It makes the countertop light and easy to manipulate. This kind of kitchen countertop is not among the strongest in the market.
There is a cement base on a ceramic tile kitchen countertop. Here, the manufacturer places cement around the times and also puts grout on the tiles. Ceramic tile countertops are not as durable because they risk getting broken or cracking.

You will not incur much by installing a marble kitchen countertop. However, they are long-lasting but with proper care and maintenance. Marble kitchen countertops can easily get stained because they absorb liquids due to their porous nature. Solid surface kitchen countertops come in various styles and colors. A solid surface countertop is created using resin, acrylic and other materials that give it a granite look. Stainless steel kitchen countertops are mostly used in modern homes, kitchen restaurants. Stainless steel kitchen countertops are resistant to bacteria and germs.

There was some popularity that came with soapstone kitchen countertops. They are still popular and have their benefits. Soapstone comes in gray and white variations. Soapstone countertops are stain-resistant and non-porous. They also don’t scratch easily.
Glass kitchen countertops are available in various types. The first choice is the strong glass slab which is more reinforced than the normal glass. Another choice of glass countertops is the recycled glass tops. Here manufacturers use discarded glass that is broken down, melt it and use various chemicals to come up with a slab. There are benefits that come with most homeowners, but slate kitchen countertops have some benefits. Slate is a natural stone which is sand down to come up with large slabs that can be installed in a kitchen.

A glance at a granite kitchen countertop will help you understand why it is popular. these are countertops have natural grain and various colors making every slab unique. Many homeowners buy granite countertops that is why they are also found in modern homes. Finally, quartz kitchen countertops which is the most durable countertop found in the market. It is a product that is engineered and not a natural quartz stone slab. Natural quartz is broken down, combined with resin, chemicals as well as other materials. The result is a beautiful countertop that looks like natural quartz.

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