Ideal for sports and at home

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We would like to offer you an appliingtextile, whichis suitable for printing or embroidery. Integral parts of our web shop are T-shirts of different types. As a very searchingtype of clothing, we focused on its quality and suitability for advertising purposes.

In our online shop we offer men's T-shirts, women's children's. It is always very convenient to specify the size or color. For our popularity, we also offer polo shirts or polo shirts smooth, whichare very representative. They are alsoin a variety of colors and sizes.

How to buy?

The easiest to contact us directly via Contactemail, or simply online to order the selected goods. T-shirts, polo shirts, all mens, caps and Otherswe will deliver the assortment according to the conditions stated on our website. We offer textiles for direct sales in the retail network.