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What are the Benefits of Bacteriostatic Water?

Bacteriostatic water is a kind of water which is made to help prevent the growth as well as the development on certain kinds of bacteria. To do this, water will be sterilized and this would be filtered to eliminate the presence of bacteria. Water is then mixed with about 0.9% benzyl alcohol so that it could help prevent future contaminations or the chances of bacteria to grow. Benzyl alcohol is what actually what makes water bacteriostatic and it means that any bacteria content does not change. Some benefits which can be obtained from bacteriostatic water would be:

Dissolving Medications

When a physician will need to dissolve medication for the injection of their patients, bacteriostatic water could be used in the process. It can in fact be used on all three methods for injections, which would be the intravenous, subcutaneous as well as intramuscular. Through intravenous, the injection will be administered through accessing the veins and in the intramuscular injection, the needle will be used for accessing the muscle. The injection would be performed under the skin of the patient in the subcutaneous method. Every method could actually be used and this will all depend with the kind of treatment and on how effective this is going to be based with the medical prescription of the practitioner.

Stored for Long

Compared to plain saline water, the bacteriostatic water can in fact be stored long. If in case the water will not be used more than 28 days, it needs to be discarded. This in fact is recommended by manufacturers. If it will reach more than 28 days, benzyl alcohol loses its effect on hindering bacteria growth. For some instances, salt is actually used in order to prevent bacteria growth than using benzyl alcohol. The reason will depend with the use.

Cheaper and Readily Available

A bacteriostatic water actually is not expensive, which is the reason why this is available readily. It could actually be manufactured from home if you have all of the necessary requirements and when you know what is the right procedure.

It is Reusable

You would usually need to use a needle for you to pierce through the rubber seal which acts as the lid when you wish to draw water out. The needle may however introduce bacteria to the water. This is something that you should never worry about though because you are using the bacteriostatic water. Benzyl alcohol also helps in preventing the growth of different kinds of bacteria compared to other anti-bacterial agents.

There are lots of benefits that bacteriostatic water can give than just performing the same function. It is in fact responsible on all of the benefits that includes cost-effectiveness as well as help prevent bacterial contamination.

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