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What You Must Consider as You Buy an Automatic External Defibrillator

Automatic external defibrillators are gaining popularity in recent times due to their vital role in helping during cardiac arrests. This is a high mortality rate, but with the new technology of using automatic external defibrillators, the death rates can be reduced significantly. Although a majority of people recognize the benefits of an AED, they do not understand what it takes to choose the best one in the market where different types are available. Here is a brief guide on how to select a perfect automatic external defibrillator.

Always get a doctor’s prescription. Nowadays, most retailers ask for a doctor’s prescription before they sell AEDs. FDA stipulates regulations on manufacturing and purchase of medical equipment and this one is no exception. However, some retailers do no insist on having a doctor’s prescription, and thus, you can buy from them without it. If you do not have an order, you can obtain it from your medical director or family physician.

Know the essential features that you want. How would you want to use the AED and what kind of patients are you likely to have? AEDs come with different features which not only make them sophisticated but determines their ease of use. Find out the range of features an AED has and consider its reliability, durability, and accessibility. For instance, most AEDs have lithium-ion batteries, built-in printers, CPR metronomes, and ECG monitoring. Depending on the circumstance and available finances, you can opt for either automatic or semi-automatic one.

Check for certifications. Seek the guidance of your physician as you buy an AED because you might not be conversant with lots of things. States have different regulations for installing AED in buildings or vehicles, and you must observe them. Check the laws which are applicable in your state and follow them. Further, schedule frequent inspection and maintenance of AED and keep the records of repairs, personnel training, and usage for reference. Have detailed records of the maintenance schedule, personnel training, replacement of defibrillation pads and batteries.

Consider the cost of buying an AED. There is no standard price for AEDs, and thus, retailers sell them at different prices. Your budget must not only consist of the initial purchase price but also cost of employee training and maintenance. Most AEDs are expensive, and if you need financial assistance, check for grants from state and public institutions. Compare the prices of AEDs in different retail outlets and settle for the most affordable one.

Be trained on using AED. You will not save lives if you have an AED that you cannot use. Find a certified trainer to guide you on using it. The training should be comprehensive, and the trainer should provide certificates after completion.

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