Snowman game or who will have a red nose before

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Also, with family members in the winter, you are poking around and pointing out one on the other with the expectation of who is the first to colorise the tip of the nose with a typical cold red light? If you want to win this year, go for it cleverly – invite your siblings, parents, or even friends for a draft ice cream! Surely your offer will not refuse, and you will have almost a hundred percent certainty that with a red nose they would walk the streets first they, not yourself.
Don't let the weather get discouraged
Winter is not a period when we should only be able to get into the overcoat and Shawal. We should be able – like any other season – to enjoy and enjoy all its forms. So don't hesitate
and indulge yourself in the "Winter in the trough", you will see that it will become your favorite option!